World of tiles

The Tiles Project…

is a personal exploration of my childhood memories and the emotional connection I have with these painted squares. Inspired by my grandmother’s home, I delved deeper into the origins of these patterns.

With this as a starting point, the intention was to create new figures that could also be part of that world of Tiles.

The initial experimentation started as sketches of organic abstract shapes. I also had in mind that I wanted to create this in After Effects, since it’s the software in which I work animating, and already had an idea on how to bring them to life.
From there I started to expand those sketches straight into After Effects, working with the ‘shape layer’ features, modifying them and trying to recreate a sequence of animations that could be looped.
Another point, was to create these as modular loops, that could be combined and generate new visuals from it.

From there the work was mostly generating a bunch of new loops, and then combine them to create around a 100 of them.
As the project evolved, I ventured into new territories, Tiles became a journey that connects the past with present possibilities.

But also as a new direction of a project that starting looking ‘down’ to the floor, and now it was starting to think in other directions.