Kiln offers a single but complex benefit, making, enterprise-grade staking made easy.

They have been in a process of redesigning their brand on the last months, so it was a great opportunity to expand that world and help to solidify the new visual language.
The main idea for the video was to represent clearly the different offering, as different ‘universes’ of solutions that Kiln has. As if we were looking from a window to the worlds it presents.
All this with a clear representation, blending between the abstract and figurative. 
While mantaining Kiln’s bold and clear graphics.
One of the general charactersitics, was the intention to make the animation feels ‘fluent’.
From there one of the main concepts was to make it feel also as a system. Hence the different objects ‘clicking’ on each other, pieces that are made to work together. Solutions that Kiln offers and are ready-to-use by its customers. Mixing the idea of a mechanic system while mantaining the abstraction that its world has.


Role: Director, Designer, Animator, SFX
Client: Kiln
Head of Marketing: Marie-Amelie Siegrist