Al Araby

I got contacted by Eloisa Studio to work on this project for the rebranding of Al-Araby, a TV- News channel thought for a younger audience that are savvy with nowadays tech.

My work here involved animating many of the pieces of the system, which had a reference in UI design systems. 
On the first weeks, we spend most of the time exploring many of different types of ‘fake interaction’ animations.
They have some more ‘freedom’ than the limitations you might find when actually creating UI-animations, but it was mainly to convey the whole concept of the branding being a close-to-UI system.
Then logo-animation, lower thirds (tickers, as they call it), and then all kinds of transitions within the news show. 
At last openers for different sections, and a package of information display boards.
Done in 2022
Design by Eloisa Studio
Animation of the pieces above: Esteban González